Friday, December 11, 2015

NT$168 mil. payout for dioxin victims

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- China Petrochemical Development Corp. (CPDC, 中石化), previously a state-owned enterprise, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA, 經濟部) must compensate 304 affected residents in proximity to the firm's former chemical factory with a payout totaling NT$168.17 million, the Tainan District Court ruled on Monday.
The legal battle has spanned nearly seven years, and the sum of government compensation is the largest in Taiwan's history, according to local media.
Residents said they would deliberate on whether to continue the trial against CPDC, since the amount is far from the NT$340 million they initially demanded.
According to prosecutors, the former power plant in Tainan caused mercury pollution to the surrounding environment and emitted carcinogenic dioxin. In 2003, researchers found that fish and shrimp in nearby bodies of water contained mercury and dioxin levels that exceeded safety levels.
Residents near the former chemical plant filed a lawsuit against the corporation for allegedly causing the dioxin contamination in 2008.

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