Although Sharon L. Perry has never been to Vietnam, what happened to her husband, who served there during his military service, has affected her life forever. Since he died in 2005 she has “waded through grief, hate, anger, pain, rage, and lots and lots of heartache.”

The heartache started long before Reuben “Bud” C. Perry III died from a myocardial infarction attributed to his diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, and Hep C, all Agent Orange (AO) related illnesses. It began with the birth of their oldest daughter, Danielle, who has been sick all her life. Sharon fought for years with doctors who didn't seem to know what caused her daughter to suffer debilitating muscle spasms in her neck that often lasted up to two hours.

”Finally,” Sharon said, “a doctor treated her because he said her muscles would atrophy if not taken care of.”

The Perrys took Danielle to Shriner's Hospital in Massachusetts where the chief of staff diagnosed a list of 20 ailments. She suffered everything from spondylolithesis, comprised immune system, hip dysphasia, to granuloma annulare.

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