Monday, April 1, 2013


They Want Us to Kill the Petition

Since Birth Defect Research for Children filed the petition for the Center to diagnose and treat the children of Vietnam veterans, we have seen our funding disappear.  Our Combined Federal Campaign (military and government workplace) funding is at an all time low.  Grants we counted on have not come through.  Right now our funding has been cut in half and we are only able to continue because our director has been willing to work for free since the beginning of this year.  We are a small organization and never operate on a lot of funding, but we can’t exist on “no” funding.  This is why we are appealing to all 12,648 veterans and friends who have signed the Centers’ petition to help us with your donation.  You can donate through the Agent Orange bracelet program here on Causes or directly through our web site .  If all of you donate only $25, we will be able to continue another year.  If you donate $50, two years…and if you donate $100, we will be there for you through the long haul. 


Betty Mekdeci
Executive Director
Birth Defect Research for Children
976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Suite 104
Orlando FL 32814
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