Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mississippi company has Army contract for bug-repellant coats

Sounds Good On Paper
GOLDEN, Miss. (AP) — A Mississippi company has a contract to make up to $55.3 million worth of bug-repellent uniform coats for the Army.
The Pentagon said in a news release Wednesday that Golden Manufacturing Co. Inc. of Golden, Miss., will be making the combat uniform coats from fabric treated with the insecticide Permethrin (pur-METH-rihn).
The work is to be completed within a year.
It says a firm in Puerto Rico, AFI LLC of Camuy, has a $43.3 million contract for Army combat uniform trousers made from similarly treated cloth.
Both contracts use defense working capital funds from fiscal 2013 through fiscal 2014, for the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support in Philadelphia, Pa.
Golden is in Tishomingo County about 35 miles east-northeast of Tupelo.


Health Effects

Permethrin is a member of the pyrethroid class of pesticides. Similar to other pyrethroids, permethrin alters nerve function by modifying the normal biochemistry and physiology of nerve membrane sodium channels. However, EPA is not currently following a cumulative risk approach based on a common mechanism of toxicity for the pyrethroids. Although all pyrethroids interact with sodium channels, there are multiple types of sodium channels and it is currently unknown whether the pyrethroids have similar effects on all channels. Nor do we have a clear understanding of effects on key downstream neuronal function e.g., nerve excitability, nor do we understand how these key events interact to produce their compound specific patterns of neurotoxicity. There is ongoing research by the EPA’s Office of Research and Development and pyrethroid registrants to evaluate the differential biochemical and physiological actions of pyrethroids in mammals. This research is expected to be completed by 2007. When available, the Agency will consider this research and make a determination of common mechanism as a basis for assessing cumulative risk. Therefore, the human health risk assessment and RED document only considered the effects of permethrin.

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