Monday, April 22, 2013

AO programmes to receive continued funding from US
WASHINGTON (VNS)— The US has pledged to maintain funding for Agent Orange/dioxin treatment programmes in Viet Nam this year.
In 2012, the US provided US$44 million to treat AO-contaminated areas in central Da Nang.
According to Ha Huy Thong, deputy head of the National Assembly's Committee for External Relations, the US had continued to display its support for Viet Nam in overcoming AO/dioxin.
Thong is also the chairman of the Viet Nam-US Dialogue Group on AO/dioxin.
He said US representatives showed their positive attitude towards the programmes to deal with the toxic chemicals used by their army during the war in Viet Nam. They admitted that this was a complicated and time-consuming issue that needed efforts from both sides. 

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