Friday, April 12, 2013

Dioxin in Dog Food? Dioxin In Everything!

The discovery of a very tiny amount of dioxin in the raw material tocopherol (vitamin E), has prompted animal nutrition company Kemin to investigate one of its suppliers. 
The US-based company announced this move after certified lab results in Europe showed 40.035 ng/kg of dioxin had been found on April 3, in a single batch of its product Naturox IP Plus Dry, an antioxidant used in pet food.
In a press release, the company emphasised that, when the antioxidant is applied at recommended application rates, the amount of dioxin in finished pet food would be 0.04 – 0.09 ng/kg, well below the maximum allowable limit for dioxin, which in the European Union is 1.75 ng/kg.
As a precaution, however, the company decided to replace any unused antioxidants containing tocopherols from this supplier. 


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