Monday, April 15, 2013

Dioxin to be detoxified by activated carbon
PANO – The General Department of Environment, under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, organized a seminar, “Dioxin detoxification technology”, on April 9th with the participation of American experts.
Addressing the event, Dr David Moard, CEO of the Power House Energy Group, said that detoxifying dioxin by activated carbon does not let poisonous substances to the environment, while it could turn out organic waste for producing energy.
Furthermore, this method would cut down expenditures and requires a more simple operation than former technology. More importantly, this technology is environment friendly and safe for operators and people surrounding the dioxin-polluted areas.
Being the war-torn country, Vietnam badly needs more practical experience and assistance from international friends to deal with the painful legacy of Agent Orange/dioxin agents left behind from the Vietnam War.

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