Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soil Samples Show High Levels of Arsenic in Fort Detrick Area
FREDERICK, Md. - Even families in Frederick not touched by cancer say they are suspicious of the government and what goes on at Fort Detrick.
Others who live near the fort and have suffered from cancer or watched loved ones die painful deaths express pure anger. And now there's another suspect coming to light: arsenic.
Arsenic was used in the production of herbicides, including the Vietnam-era defoliant Agent Orange, which the government admits were tested and buried at a 400-acre section of Fort Detrick known as Area B.
"All along this road, you find every single house has been touched by cancer," says Rachel Kelley-Pisani of the Kristen Renee Foundation.
Kelly-Pisani is on a crusade to get the federal government to acknowledge a cancer-cluster around Fort Detrick - and to clean it up.
She and her organization hired an environmental firm to collect soil samples around Area B. The results, Kelly-Pisani says show dangerously high levels of arsenic.
"Arsenic has been proven to cause liver cancer, kidney cancer, skin cancer among others," Kelly-Pisani says. "And what we have found along this road and two other roads that are surrounding Area B are those exact types of cancers."
The arsenic findings have not been formally presented to Fort Detrick officials, the Frederick County Health Department or Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
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