Monday, May 9, 2011

from Birth Defect Research for Children

The Children’s Centers idea on the NIESH Strategic Planning Site had 115 comments which can be found by going to this URL and clicking on Affected/Susceptible Populations. The Children’s Centers idea is the 13th idea presented. I can’t figure out how they established the order since it is not alphabetical and I believe we had the most votes. They aren’t listing the total votes, but I believe we ended up with 767. I am so grateful for the veterans’ overwhelming support for this idea.

I will be attending the NIESH Council meeting in Raleigh next week and one of the presentations will be on the Strategic Planning Process so it will be interesting to hear any comments they have on the public input especially the Centers suggestion.

Thanks for your help with support for the Children’s Center idea.

With best regards,


Betty Mekdeci
Executive Director
Birth Defect Research for Children
976 Lake Baldwin Lane, Suite 104
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