Monday, May 23, 2011

Paul Sutton Research
These documents were retrieved from US government sources, research facilities, state government agencies and commissions, via FOIA requests to various sources and from individuals (veterans and citizens alike) for a clearer, accurate and more complete understanding of herbicide exposure in Southeast Asia and many other areas throughout the world and its consequences.
There is a large section on the “current” Blue Water Navy stand-off between the US Department of Veterans Affairs and those Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps personnel directly affected during the execution of the Vietnam War “offshore” (more commonly referred to as “Yankee Station”) in the South China Sea.
There are also numerous documents, studies and ancillary material relating to herbicide exposures in other regions (Guam, Thailand, Okinawa, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Panama, Canada, and throughout the United States) where we have documented usage and storage of herbicides.
We are continuing to work our way through additional, un-cataloged material we have accessed, particularly the Alvin Young Container List, which encompasses well over 1,500 documents related to both early experimentation (pre-Vietnam) and the US Air Force Ranch Hand Project. As those un-cataloged materials are researched and labeled, they will be uploaded on this site for research retrieval.
Should you have specific questions about this information, please feel free to contact me or the site webmaster. I will respond as time permits and in the order in which requests are made.
Paul Sutton

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