Saturday, May 7, 2011

Congress to EPA: Finalize Dioxin Study Once and For All! - Newsletter from CHEJ
A few weeks ago, Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) and 72 members of Congress sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson urging the EPA to finalize their long-delayed study on dioxin once and for all. Read all about it in Rep. Markey’s press release. EPA’s study on dioxin has been delayed for over 20 years due to intense lobbying by dioxin-spewing chemical corporations such as Dow Chemical. The new Congressional letter to EPA expresses concern that “EPA has missed this self imposed deadline to finalize and release the report by the end of 2010”and concludes by requesting EPA’s “detailed timeline for finalizing and releasing the Dioxin Reassessment once the SAB [Science Advisory Board] review is complete.”

When EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced the EPA’s Science Planfor finalizing the Dioxin Reassessment two years ago, EPA Administrator Jackson pledged to finalize it by the end of 2010. Unfortunately EPA has missed that self-imposed deadline yet again.

CHEJ thanks and applauds Rep. Markey (D-MA) and the 72 other members of Congress for writing to EPA Administrator Jackson on this critical public health and environmental justice issue. We can only hope EPA will do the right thing and finalize this study once and for all.

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