Thursday, May 26, 2011

Agent Orange Claim By Ariz. Vet Sparks Protest

PHOENIX -- A CBS 5 News report on a U.S. military toxic secret has provoked protesters outside a South Korea military base to demand some answers.

The U.S. military opened an investigation into the dumping of Agent Orange after an exclusive CBS 5 investigation revealed veterans buried the dangerous chemicals on a U.S. Army base.

"I couldn't live with what I had done," said veteran Steve House.

The soldiers confessed to digging a hole the size of a city block and burying an entire truckload of agent orange on a military base in South Korea three decades ago.


Protesters are now camped outside Camp Carroll military base near Daegu, South Korea.

The group has grown to about 50 protesters and they say their numbers will continue to increase.

The Korean citizens are demanding answers and holding signs that say, "Dig a hole in your own country and put it there."

Korean sources said public pressure could prompt officials to start digging on the site.

The U.S. Forces based in Korea said they are taking the allegations seriously.

The military has started reviewing water samples taken in the area from the last decade. And we're told they have started to collect additional water samples for review.

The Korean Government and US military said they will work together to determine if there is a hazard and share their findings.

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