Friday, March 13, 2020

Scientists find chemicals may contribute to Parkinson’s Disease

Our good friend Zack Earp has sent us this latest information regarding Parkinson's Disease.
Scientists find a way chemicals may contribute to Parkinson’s
If you’re interested in the link between Parkinson's and the gut, we’ve rounded up some of the best articles and newest research on the subject.
A new study adds to a growing body of research that suggests we might have been thinking about Parkinson's disease wrong this whole time.
A recently published study has revealed differences in gut bacteria in those with Parkinson's disease based on their medications and geographic locations, adding to our growing knowledge.
A team from CalTech proposes a connection between gut bacteria, fatty acids, brain inflammation and Parkinson's symptoms.

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  1. They knew about the relationship back in the 50's. Guam was the perfect example but they hid it from the people. The people of Guam got a neurodegenerative disease that was ALS/PDC. Almost 25% of the population had one or the other or symptoms of both. There was massive use of pesticides, herbicides and insecticides, right after WWII. Both these diseases are now covered by the military as presumptive. ALS if you did military service and parkinson's if you were exposed to an herbicide containing dioxin. Some veterans that did service on Guam were able to get SC for their time on Guam because of the exposures.