Monday, March 2, 2020

EPA's flawed water plan warrants public outcry in Ringwood | Opinion

The federal Environmental Protection Agency has chosen to select the pool cover and babysitting option for the leaking toxic slop pits dumped by Ford Motor Co. in Ringwood State Park and the Upper Ringwood Community. As the executive director of the nonprofit Edison Wetlands Association, I chaired and provided independent technical engineers' support to the community for more than a decade. This included environmental engineers, groundwater geologists and environmental and human health risk assessment experts.
In June 2017, EWA also funded emergency independent sampling of chemical seeps and found several alarming poisons actively discharging from Ringwood State Park into residential areas. Past sampling by Ford's contractors also identified lead, dioxin, arsenic and other chemicals at levels that pose an unacceptable risk, according to the EPA’s own documents. This information alone is alarming enough to warrant action; however, the EPA has recently added 1,4-dioxane (a synthetic chemical linked to Ford’s paint waste) to the chemicals of concern list, and it has been found at high levels in groundwater and surface water.

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