Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Rant: Monsanto disappears in merger

Bayer, the giant German pharmaceutical company is buying Monsanto for $63 billion and dropping Monsanto’s name in the acquisition. Monsanto is one of the most despised companies in the world, so the reason for the name deletion is obvious. Monsanto makes dioxin (in Agent Orange), PCBs, glysophate (Roundup), and genetically modified seeds (GMOs).
Bayer says, “The combination of the two businesses will allow us to deliver more innovation faster and provide solutions tailored to the needs of farmers around the world...Going forward, our teams in the labs and in the field will be able to take a much more holistic approach to innovation as we address the enormous challenges we face in agriculture.”
Translation: By forcing farmers to buy our GMO seeds, which requires farmers to spray our poisons on their crops, regardless of the environmental impact on people, plants, animals and insects, we now can make even more money for our shareholders.
Preparing for an onslaught of criticism, Bayer CEO Werner Baumann says, “We aim to deepen our dialogue with society. We will listen to our critics and work together where we find common ground. Agriculture is too important to allow ideological differences to bring progress to a standstill. We have to talk to each other. We need to listen to each other. It’s the only way to build bridges.”

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