Monday, June 17, 2013

SARCOMAS and hope for veterans exposed to Agent Orange and DU
My recent articles relating to potential life-improvement solutions for diseases related to Agent Orange (AO) and Depleted Uranium “cook-off” particulates (DU), has resulted in a large number of inquiries from Veterans and others, who have been receiving treatment for their particular illnesses from the VA Hospital, but have been fighting, some for decades, to get recognition for disability compensation. Anyone who has a loved one struggling with a life threatening disease, has observed the financial consequences with which families are burdened, often resulting in financial ruin and bankruptcy.
My own personal experience in watching my wife battle 5 different cancers for more than 15 years has raised awareness to the situation many cannot comprehend. For the Vietnam Veteran who has faced a myriad of illnesses and decades of treatment, to be denied some degree of disability compensation while dealing with the physical and mental stress of endless treatments, is not only heartless, but beyond comprehension for those of us fortunate enough to have come through the Vietnam era unscathed. With the forthcoming tidal wave of claims that will inevitably be made by the Afghan-Iraq Veterans who have been subject to DU cook-off, an already over-taxed government healthcare system with hundreds of thousands of claims in process, we could well be witnessing a system on the verge of collapse.

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