Monday, June 24, 2013

Polychlorodibenzodioxin and -furan and Dioxin-like Polychlorobiphenyl Distribution in Tissues and Dairy Products of Dairy Buffaloes
A pilot study was performed on three different dairy buffalo herds exposed without exposure control conditions to Polychlorodibenzodioxins and -furans (PCDDs, PCDFs) and Dioxin-like Polychlorobiphenyls (DL-PCBs). This study dealt with the relationship between the contamination levels (pg WHO2005-TE/g fat) in individual raw milk and those in edible tissues and with the contamination transfer from farm bulk milk to dairy products. On a cumulative basis, kidney (41, 67, and 21 pg WHO-TE/g fat) resulted more in equilibrium with milk (48, 42, and 20) than did muscle (25, 31, and 9), while liver showed a large bioaccumulation (221, 304, and 75), with marked differences of the congener profile. Mozzarella cheese contamination (23, 42, and 29 pg WHO-TE/g fat) was higher than that of bulk milk (20, 36, and 21), which suggested a role of casein precipitation in congener transfer. The above information could improve the effectiveness of risk management during a “dioxin” crisis.

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