Monday, June 24, 2013

Preventing Dioxin Exposure During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
I discussed dioxins in my last post here. They are a class of compounds thought to cause health problems to everyone at every stage, but the medical literature especially shows a link between dioxin exposure and enamel defects, missing teeth and fast moving decay. Since these toxins accumulate in the fatty tissue of animals including us, this means we can expose our children through pregnancy and lactation.

What can you do to prevent exposure overall? In the general environment, you can prevent exposure by researching your living area, your food sources and your water sources. Try to find out if any of your environmental sources are heavily contaminated through previous dumps/spills or current manufacturing. This means getting flexible about some topics in the natural community. 
For example, if you are living in a high dioxin area, buying local could be detrimental to your health and it might be time to look at global foods shipped in from lower dioxin areas. And a diet heavy in animal products, especially full fat milks and cod liver oils or other fish might need to turn into a periodic diet for your family to take a break from heavier exposure to the dioxins, as opposed to eating it year round. Look closely at products for dioxin contamination and get them out of your house when feasible. You can find dioxins in a variety of products used in and around the home such as PVC piping and disposable diapers and tampons. (In case you're wondering, bleaching disposable products causes dioxins as a byproduct.) That being said, take a look at this study which analyzed tampons and diapers for dioxin exposure:

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