Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wartime poisons persist in Bien Hoa


Environmentalists are hopeful the first international study of dioxin contamination around Bien Hoa Airbase will pave the way for a US-funded cleanup

On a recent afternoon at Bien Hung Park, a young, handsome couple chatted happily on a bright green lawn. An eight-year-old boy wandered through the trees selling lottery tickets to whoever passed. Elderly couples strolled along the shaded walkways.

At first glance, the park, located in Bien Hoa Town, seems like an ideal escape from the stifling Ho Chi Minh City – which sits just 35 kilometers southeast of the southern town.

But, in April, Hatfield Consultants, a Canadian environmental firm, warned the provincial government to tell local residents to keep people from the cultivation of fish, ducks, and livestock at Bien Hoa Airbase.

The Bien Hoa Airbase, and Da Nang and Phu Cat airports in central Vietnam are widely recognized as major “dioxin hotspots” where Agent Orange and other toxic herbicides were stored, loaded and spilled by US military personnel during the Vietnam War that ended in April 1975.

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  1. M.D. Henderson -Song-On-Doc, 1970July 3, 2011 at 5:33 AM

    “I think it’s fair to say that dioxin contamination and Agent Orange was one of the single most neuralgic issues in the US-Vietnam relationship,” said US Charge d’Affairs Virginia Palmer." PAINFUL, JUST SAY PAINFUL. A/O was among several painful weapons used by the US GOVERNMENT, with NO regard(sp)for US lives on or about the sprayed areas.
    Hey Virginia I would like to ask you a question, OK? What about full accountability for the MIA's who 's remains are still unaccounted for?
    Geeze, this is great!! You got a CN firm advising the VN Gov't to bill the Americans for the clean up. Sorta like our Charge d'Affairs.
    We have men who served with distinction who, still can not receive a speedy hearing on their Agent Orange claim. When you get into 4 years or more what you are really saying is "screw you" to our combat veterans.

    God saves the US Government does not !