Monday, June 27, 2011

The Latest Blue Water Agent Orange Ruling

Excerpts taken from the VAn­tage Point Blog – writ­ten by J. Slider

This week the Depart­ment of Vet­er­ans Affairs offi­cial blog, VAn­tage Point, addressed the find­ings of the recent rul­ing on the affects of Agent Orange on Blue Water Sailors —those who served on deep water Navy or Coast Guard ves­sels. In sum­mary, the report stated that the expo­sure of Viet Nam era Blue Water Navy Vet­er­ans to Agent Orange can­not rea­son­ably be deter­mined due to a lack of data on envi­ron­men­tal con­cen­tra­tions of Agent Orange con­t­a­m­i­nants.

Although this means that this group of vet­er­ans do not have a pre­sump­tive con­nec­tion to AO, it does not mean that Blue Water Navy Vet­er­ans can’t sub­mit claims and apply for ben­e­fits if they feel they were exposed to AO. In fact, as the VA blog points out, the VA has rec­og­nized claims from Viet­nam Vet­er­ans whose ships entered inland water­ways, and/or docked at spe­cific times and loca­tions, if they claim that they went ashore. So far, this applies to 140 ships and 51 classes of ves­sels. Vet­er­ans who were aboard these ships are eli­gi­ble for ben­e­fits based on the pre­sump­tion that their dis­eases are asso­ci­ated with their ser­vice in Viet­nam. You can find the list of ships and ves­sels linked on the Blue Water Navy Vet­er­ans web­site.

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  1. The report didn't actually say that in that form, it said that that they couldn't determine if these veterans were or were not exposed, the same as it found that ground troop may or may not have been exposed It also when on to say that they did determine that there were plausible routes in which these veterans could have been exposed. basically the report said that anyone that served in the theater could have been exposed by one method or another. Now, lets think about this. if the IOM couldn't prove someone was exposed to the satisfaction of the VA, then how in the Heck do you are anyone else think single Veteran can accomplish that feat!