Monday, June 6, 2011

Point Paper on Agent Orange Guam

Here is a manual from the Alvin Young collection, produced by the Department of Agriculture and the University of Maryland, on how to properly use the rainbow herbicides.
1. Farmers Bulletin No. 2183, U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & the University of Maryland.
The facts are these herbicides were the industry standard for that time for vegetation control. The DoD denies the rainbow herbicides were used on Guam, so where is their evidence of some other herbicide being used on Guam?
2. This “user’s manual” was printed in May 1962 and revised in January 1971 after I was exposed in Guam. So in 1969 – 1970 we were not doing anything unusual or illegal by using these herbicides.
As you can see these herbicides were the “standard” for that time. The reason why these two herbicides were mixed was 2-4-D was more effective on some weeds and the 2-4-5-T was more effective on other weeds.
3. These herbicides were approved for use by the Department of Agriculture and the University of Maryland for farming and vegetation control. Now the DoD states that there are no records showing the use of these herbicides on Guam and at the same time they are testing for them in the well water and finding them there (see page 29). It must be “magic” how they got there.
4. It is so aggravating to have people trying to rewrite history on us. The facts are straight forward. If this case was in a civil court, it wouldn’t be dragging on forty years later. There appears to be some kind of conspiracy going on.
5. The DoD states they don’t have any records of the rainbow herbicides being on Guam while denying the pictures and eye witness testimony from the people handling the drums of the rainbow herbicides. Then the VA approves the claims for the eye witnesses and the VA turns our claims down without even looking at our evidence.
6. At what point does the “Reasonable Doubt” regulation (38 CFR 3.102) kick in? The Government has no evidence and the Veterans have a mountain of evidence. If that doesn’t meet or exceed the standards for the Reasonable Doubt regulation, I can’t imagine what would.
I think besides paying us for the damage they have done to our bodies they should have to pay us for the HELL they are putting us through mentally and financially. It has to be causing PSTD or some kind of mental stress and damage to us.
Ralph Stanton

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  1. Stationed in Guam in 1965-66, I and another Navy Corpsman in early 1966 were sprayed by a small plane while riding motorcycles through the jungle near Anderson AFB. Thinking it was an insecticide, I gave it little thought. Over the years since, I have learned the spray was Agent Orange, and even recieved an E-mail from an Air Force Veteran who said he was assigned to spray the jungle roadways and perimiters of the AF Base to eliminate jungle overgrowth. He also stated, that he remembered seeing motorcycle riders during his spraying of Agent Orange on the jungle roadway.

  2. With the reshaping of the Supreme Court, the veterans plight only gets worse and worse. God help a nation that fails it's veterans by way of broken promises.
    The day will come, NO, the day has to come when Americas youth say NO to serving.