Monday, June 6, 2011

Agent Orange - C-123K Chapter from History Just Won't End

Post-Vietnam C-123K Provider crews and maintenance teams WERE exposed to Agent Orange, and many of us are developing cancers. We're gathering & sharing vital information. Send documents. Send photos of us in the plane. Please tell others who flew with us, and I need names from Rickenbacker and Pittsburgh 123 crews! Site hosted by Wes Carter, retired MSC

His right hand self-concously hidden because it ends in a round jumble of undeveloped fingers, the young graduate student Ben Quick was driven to see the surplus C-123Ks at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base back in 2008. A trip into the past which dictated his own future. You see, Ben's dad gifted him a "minor glitch" in Ben's DNA, a leftover of Pop's service in Vietnam during the War. Ben was visiting Davis-Monthan to learn more about that gift, and the airplanes which delivered it, the UC-123K "Provider", now surplus and in storage at Davis-Monthan.


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