Monday, June 27, 2011

Death rates from diesel emissions in Tokyo and human waste burning in Vietnam

from George Claxton

Although I have written about the probabilities of disease in soldiers exposed to diesel exhaust from burning human shit in Vietnam,the issue has been ignored because of the political turmoil that could take place.

In the past I have produced studies that show dioxin in the diesel exhaust particles. Dioxin is the poison that was part of Agent Orange and has been implicated in human disease and death all over the world. I believe that nobody wants to face the issue. Senator Carl Levin has not responded to a lot of evidence that I have submitted.

A new study from Tokyo, Japan has identified the possibility of higher death rates from exposure to diesel exhaust particles. The title of the study is "DIESEL VEHICLE EMISSION AND DEATH RATES IN TOKYO, JAPAN; A NATURAL EXPERIMENT' and it was published in the journal "Science of the total environment", in press, on line, 23 Jun 2011. The authors are Takashi Yorifuji, et al.

The highlights of the study was as follows: "We evaluated the effect of a diesel emission control law on mortality rates; Rate ratios for association between air pollutants and mortality were attenuated; Mortality rate from cerebrovascular disease was reduced after the enforcement".

I can only imagine that the exposure to diesel exhaust in soldiers from standing over a barrel burning shit must be quite extensive.

Faithfully submitted

George Claxton

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