Monday, October 17, 2016

Urge the EPA to Ban This Dangerous Pesticide

Researchers have recently found that atrazine, the second most commonly used herbicide in the U.S., could cause sexual abnormalities in frogs, including deformed sexual organs and hermaphrodite features. Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency has identified the chemical’s “potential chronic risk to fish, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates.” There is concern that the chemical, commonly found in the water supply in farming regions, could cause similar problems in humans.
The European Union, along with other countries, has banned the use of atrazine, but in the U.S. it is still legal and widely used. Sign this petition, and join Beyond Pesticides in urging the EPA to ban the use of atrazine. 

from Dr. Thomas J. Berger,  Executive Director of the VVA Veterans Health Council 
"While a faculty member at the University of Kansas in the 70's and 80's, myself and a colleague studied atrazine in the KS watershed.  Now Kansas has no natural lakes and as a result, man-made lakes were constructed in each of the 100+ counties over a period of almost 75 years.  In addition, several large reservoirs were constructed around state post-1950.  Jerry and I found the presence of atrazine in EVERY lake and reservoir throughout the state using frog larvae (tadpoles) as the indicator species." 

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