Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Doing her part to clean up the environment

Associate Professor Dr Đặng Thị Cẩm Hà, a former chief of the Environmental Biotechnology Department of the Institute of Biotechnology, was honoured with the 2015 Kovalevskaya for her research on environmental protection, particularly technologies to clean oil contamination in different ecological environments, and technologies to treat soil contaminated by dioxin-containing herbicides. She talks with Việt Nam News.
Inner Sanctum: You have researched and joined many scientific projects and received numerous national and international prizes and awards. Which is the project that interested you the most?
Among nearly 150 scientific and technological projects done by me, I was very interested in the project where technologies can treat the soil contaminated by dioxin-containing herbicides and bioremediation.
Although the war ended more than 40 years ago, a lot of areas in Việt Nam still show the after-effects of dioxin. Among them are Phù Cát, Biên Hoà and Đà Nẵng airports. These places have reported the highest polluted of dioxin in the world.

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