Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Part II…The View from Under the Bus...

In the first part of my investigative report about George Air Force Base, I introduced the reader to Frank Vera, and his battle with the VA, DOD, and Social Security over being awarded disability compensation for numerous service connected incidents. Mr. Vera's story reads like those of tens of thousands of Veterans who have faced the same "shuck and jive" delivered by bureaucrats up and down chain of command at all levels of government. It is a pattern of deniability and roadblocks that anyone with an ounce of common sense can see.
As a Veteran myself, I am appalled that our elected officials spend more time, energy, money, and effort in finding ways to provide benefits to illegal aliens (undocumented residents to the political correct crowd) , gay and lesbian causes, homeless vagrants, minority set-asides, loan guarantees and tax benefits for corporate cronies, and thwarting efforts of those trying to insure voter integrity with voter ID legislation, than to taking care of the men and women military volunteers who keep our country safe.
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