Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fight over $200 million overrun at Colorado VA heads to courts


A dispute over a potential $200 million cost overrun in building a replacement Veterans Affairs hospital in Aurora is now before a federal tribunal, with builder Kiewit-Turner filing claims against the VA.
Kiewit-Turner filed its complaint July 8 with the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals in Washington, sanctioned by Congress to hear disputes between contractors and federal agencies.
The contractor said it will continue work, but the builder has also indicated the nearly $600 million hospital won't be done until 2016, later than the VA has promised.
The VA has disclosed to Congress that it has reshuffled its Colorado project management to speed completion, and is renegotiating the supposedly fixed building contract, according to a department letter obtained by The Denver Post.
The July 12 letter to Congress, however, did not mention Kiewit-Turner's move to seek relief in federal courts.
Colorado veterans Thursday vented frustration at the VA's management and secrecy, after years of delays in which officials seem blind to the urgent needs of patients.

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