Monday, July 22, 2013

AGENT ORANGE: Alphabetized Ship List
If your vessel is not included in the Mobile Riverine Force, ISF Division 93 or listed designations (see "Find Your Ship"), check the alphabetized list of ships below.
To search for your ship, look under the first letter of the formal ship name. For example, if your ship's name is USS Dennis J. Buckley, look under the letter "D" for Dennis.
Ships will be regularly added to the list based on information confirmed in official records of ship operations. Currently there are 285 ships on this list. Ship not on the list and you think it should be?
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Last updated: July 2013

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  1. when a ship is anchored as close as 1200 yards from the pier at Danang for 30 straight days,how could this ship not be effected with Agent Orange mist from the spraying during 1965 in November the ship was the USS Bache (DD470).