Friday, March 15, 2013

Support Care and Medical Treatment for the Children of Vietnam Veterans

To: United States Veterans Administration

Since 1991, Birth Defect Research for Children has received calls from thousands of Vietnam veterans who have children with birth defects and other disabilities.“Ilost my husband from a cancerous brain tumor 13 months ago. My son has many disabilities, including Tourette’s syndrome, mental...
If 2,000 of us get 10 friends to sign, we'll reach our goal of 25,000. 
Birth Defect Research for Children wants you to join us in raising public awareness about the continuing effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam Veterans' children! There is power in numbers. The more signatures we receive, the more our voices will be heard. Signing this petition will help thousands of Vietnam Veterans' children that are in dire need of specific medical treatment related to Agent Orange exposure. Be a supporter and sign the petition on the behalf of ALL veterans!

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