Thursday, March 14, 2013

Has Binghamton’s water already been affected by Fracking?

People in NY think they are safe from the harms of fracking. But are they?
My friend Bret Jennings is a councilor for Great Bend Borough, PA.
(Contact: Bret Jennings )

He recently told me that some residents on private wells have had their water turn black. Fracking operations are going on ~4000 feet away.
 ...Massive wide-spread defoliation with undisclosed industrial chemicals . . . does that sound familiar ? It does if you are of a certain age. That’s what the US Army did to the Vietnamese and our own soldiers in Viet Nam: poisoned them with herbicides that just happened to have some rather nasty side effects on people. Do yourself a favor and don’t read up on what Agent Orange did to the unborn. Think Thalidomide. Which, for all we know, could be an ingredient in frack water. Something really nasty is for damn sure in the stuff: ...
This is a serious problem because these people are on city sewer, but may get cut off, as the chemicals in frack fluids destroy the beneficial bacteria necessary for sewer plants to operate.
I note the the water from Great Bend flows towards NY and Binghamton. Also, I note the City of Binghamton (as Bret tells me) has at least one water source which draws directly from the Susquehanna.
So I started wondering, how many fracked wells exist now in the watershed with drains into the Susquehanna and ultimately provides Binghamton’s water?

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