Thursday, February 28, 2013

Agent Orange Legacy In Washington D.C.
(WASHINGTON DC) -The children of Vietnam Veterans, who answered the call of duty, have been left without proper medical intervention. Some are dying, some are already dead. Many of the children of Vietnam Veterans have lost their parent(s) due to exposure to Agent Orange which is laced with the toxic chemical, dioxin. Dioxin is one of the most deadly chemicals known to man, animal and without a doubt our planet.
I cannot express to you just how urgent the need for proper medical intervention is for these adult children and future generations to come.
We do not want our children to suffer as we have!
As difficult as it was for me to travel to Washington DC I did it. I did it to serve as voice for not only myself but, all of the children of Vietnam Veterans who are sick and unable to get proper medical intervention.
Something needs to be done now!

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