Friday, February 15, 2013

Commissioner Rogers: Dioxin Testing on the Passaic River Does Not Pose A Health Risk
On Monday, Feb. 11, Nutley Commissioner  Steven Rogers met with representatives of the EPA, the Director of the Essex Regional Health Commission, and representatives of the Nutley Board of Education to learn about the dioxin testing on the Passaic River.
"I am satisfied that the EPA will now communicate closely with the Health Department with regard to the work and testing being done on the Passaic River," said Commissioner Rogers.
Commissioner Rogers said that the EPA and Sandy Harris, the Director of the Essex Regional Health Commission would take the lead on reviewing and disseminating testing results and other information to Nutley.  He added that the Health Department would be in close contact with the Nutley Board of Education as testing and other work being completed on the Passaic River is in progress.
"We asked the EPA to create a fact sheet containing important information for public view," Rogers said.
The Commissioner said the fact sheet woud be reviewed by the Essex Regional Health Commission before being sent to the Nutley Health Department and Nutley School Board.  
"Bottom line, according to the EPA, there are no health related issues for Nutley to be concerned about," Rogers said.

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