Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hatfield Supports Development of a Plan for Dioxin Remediation at Bien Hoa Airbase, Viet Nam

Hatfield is providing support to the Government of Vietnam to develop a plan to remediate extensive dioxin contamination at the Bien Hoa airbase in Viet Nam. The plan will review existing knowledge describing the extent and nature of dioxin contamination throughout the airbase, data gaps if any, and recommended remedial options. Hatfield is providing a senior advisor who will work collaboratively with Vietnamese authorities and other international scientists to develop the plan that will result in either the remediation or removal of contaminated soil and sediment from the base.
The Bien Hoa project is part of a larger GEF/UNDP-funded programme being implemented by the Vietnamese Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) entitled “Environmental Remediation of Dioxin Contaminated Hotspots in Viet Nam”. The project is designed to minimize disruption of ecosystems and reduce health risks for people potentially exposed to dioxin contaminated sites throughout Viet Nam. This project is contributing towards a broader goal of the Vietnamese government to “overcome the consequences of toxic chemicals used in the war in Viet Nam”, and is focussed on the following three airbases known to be contaminated with dioxin: Bien Hoa, Da Nang and Phu Cat. MONRE as the national implementing partner is implementing the project in close collaboration with the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and People’s Committees in the three (3) Provinces where the hotspots are located. Expected outcomes of the project are: (i) Dioxins in core hotspot areas are contained and remediated; (ii) Landuse on and around hotspots is adjusted to reduce risks and contribute towards environmental recovery; (iii) National regulations and institutional capacities in Viet Nam pertaining to chemical contamination are strengthened.
Viet Nam suffered from extensive dioxin contamination as a result of widespread use of herbicides, often contaminated with dioxin, that were used by American forces during the armed conflict between 1961-1971.
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