Sunday, February 21, 2010

Development on ‘blue water’ veteran claims

The Courier, Montgomery County Texas

The VA Compensation and Pension Service has initiated a program to collect data on Vietnam naval operations to assist with development in Haas-related disability claims from Navy veterans, based on herbicide exposure. To date, it has received verification from various sources showing a number of offshore “blue water” naval vessels conducted operations on the inland “brown water” rivers and delta areas of Vietnam.

Certain vessel types that operated primarily or exclusively on the inland waterways also have been identified. The ships and dates of inland waterway service are listed below.

If a veteran’s service aboard one of these ships can be confirmed through military records during the time frames specified, then exposure to herbicide agents can be presumed without further development:

• All vessels of Inshore Fire Support [IFS] Division 93 during their entire Vietnam tour, including the USS Carronade, USS Clarion River, USS Francis River and USS White River;

• All vessels with the designation LST (Landing Ship, Tank) during their entire tour;

• All vessels with the designation LCVP )Landing Craft, Vehicle, Personnel) during their entire tour;

• All vessels with the designation PCF (Patrol Craft, Fast; also called Swift Boats) during their entire tour;

• All vessels with the designation PBR (Patrol Boat, River) during their entire tour;

• The USS Ingersoll USS Mansfield, USS Richard E. Kraus, USS Bailone, USS Hamner, USS Conway, USS Fiske, USS Black, USS Providence, USS Mahan, USS Okanogan, USS Niagara Falls

If you served on any of those vessels during the times specified, and you have been diagnosed with one of the disabilities related to Agent Orange exposure, you will be granted, without further development and delay, an award for the purpose of health care and monetary compensation.

This list is not complete. If you served on a ship that entered the inland waterways of Vietnam, please contact with as much detail as possible so officials can provide this information to the DVA for processing and inclusion in their database.


  1. "Rainbow Death"

  2. It does seem as if the government is waiting for us all to die so they won't have to take care of us or admit that Agent Orange was an Airborne contaminent and all of us were exposed to it... I was on 2 destroyers that got within 1000 yards of shore ,or less , during gunfire support operations from 1967 thru 1970.. God Bless the USA but the hell with all politicians...

  3. Kenny P. SORRY, I agree with you 100% We don't have a grateful government..apparently, politicians expect us all to die, so they can tap U.S. tax dollars intended for Vets, and line their pockets..I served on an LPH 3 amphib group..we had helicopters and marines on board. I believe our politicians figured out that the helicopters and marines were there for show and did not do a thing..I have had cancer twice..It does NOT show up in the family and the V.A. and "Red Tape" proves that all I need to do is shut-up and sit in a corner and croke as soon as possible..I sincerely wish you and others in situations like this the best of luck in all our efforts. Mike