Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2009 Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release

Hello Friends & Loved Ones,

It's that time again where we are thinking about Veterans Day approaching soon. My thoughts immediately bring me to the grand participation that we had last year with the first Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release & I am really humbled as I looked through the pictures from last years event. I honestly cannot think of a more touching experience & look forward to doing it again this year! Thanks so much to everyone that participated last year & I hope that you can encourage others to join us this year.

Please check out our event page for all the details of this years event at:

In preparing for this years event I took most of the pictures from last year & combined them all in a video. You can find it on the page http://www.agentorangequiltoftears.com/Events.htmlor by going directly to this link: 2008 Agent Orange Balloon Release I left some of last years photos on the Event Page along with some beautiful videos that others made to share. I've also attached a flyer that you can forward or print out to share.

I've also attached the 2009 Patches Walk poster which is a very worthy cause & I encourage everyone to spread the word on this also. To find out more about it you can refer to an article done on War In Terror News last year at This link:


This is a very brief history about Stephen's father who died from A/O related illnesses:

In his ten months his Ranch Hand Aircraft were hit 500 times by ground fire. Eleven Airman and nineteen officers being supervised by Major. Hay-Chapamn were awarded 10 Purple Hearts, 12 Distinguished Flying Crosses and 12 Commendation Medals. While flying Patches he took the most hits and always came back unharmed.

He also initiated action in conjunction with the Vietnamese to airlift tons of foodstuffs and clothing for the orphanages located in remote areas of Vietnam .

He turned over the Command to Major. Russell Mahoney. He was instrumental in many ways on how the eventually conducted the sorties by reducing the hit ratios.

He retired after 27 years in Oct 1970,while the going was good and fought to the last day trying to get a 100% disability due to Agent Orange. He did get it just before he passed away from diabetes in what was a lengthy process of amputations starting with a toe and eventually loosing both legs."""

Hugz & Prayers to all,

Shelia & Henry Snyder

Please Join Us For The 2nd Annual Veterans Day Agent Orange Balloon Release!

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