Friday, September 18, 2009

Public release of Hatfield's Da Nang dioxin report.

The latest report from Hatfield Consultants regarding dioxin levels in the environment and human population on/near the Da Nang airbase, Viet Nam , will be ready for public distribution at the beginning of October. Those who wish to receive a CD copy of the complete report are asked to contact Ms. Gerry May ... ... requesting the report. Please provide a complete mailing address. There will be no charge for the report.

Dr. Wayne Dwernychuk
Sr. Scientist/Advisor
Hatfield Consultants

Contaminant Monitoring/Agent Orange

Hatfield is a world-recognized leader in the field of Agent Orange contamination resulting from historical spraying of dioxin-contaminated herbicide in Viet Nam. Since the 1980s, Hatfield has worked closely with regulatory and medical authorities to measure and monitor ultra-trace levels of contamination in fish and wildlife, human tissue and sediments not only in Viet Nam, but also in Lao PDR, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia and British Columbia.

* Chemical contamination monitoring – measuring and monitoring existing and proposed industrial development projects.
* Monitor trends in bioaccumulation – dioxin and furan monitoring in sediments and biological tissues.
* Environmental Effects Monitoring – integrated assessments of pulpmill water and sediment quality, invertebrate communities, fish health, and sub-letahl effluent toxicity.
* Inventory of dioxins and furans – compliance with the Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs).
* Capacity building – training in the collection, preparation and analysis of various environmental media and training in site identification and prioritization for remediation.
* Health Risk Assessment - identifying environmental pathways and human exposure.


Agent Orange investigations
Since 1994, Hatfield has been at the forefront of research, studies, and mitigation work related to Agent Orange Dioxin in the environment and human population of Viet Nam. From 1994–2009, Hatfield conducted an investigation of residual dioxin and other contamination around key former military sites, and developed mitigation measures to help prevent the local population from future exposure. more>>

Regional Capacity Building Program in South East Asia Hatfield is implementing the Regional Capacity Building Program for Health Risk Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in South East Asia. The key objective of the program is to improve the ability of government agencies in the South East Asia Region to manage POPs and POPs-like chemicals using a health risk-based approach. A second objective is to improve inter-governmental cooperation on hazardous chemicals issues in the region. more>>

Coastal dioxin and furan monitoring programs
Since 1989, Hatfield has understaken annual dioxin and furan trend monitoring programs for the pulp and paper industry in British Columbia, Canada. Trends in the concentration of dioxins and furans in biological tissues and sediments were correlated to changes in effluent treatment and the bleaching process. more>>
Detailed Information

* Agent Orange reports and presentations from Hatfield and other organizations
* Hatfield Agent Orange work in the news
* Useful Agent Orange websites, videos, books & studies

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