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Birth Defect Research for Children is your resource for free birth defect information, parent networking and birth defect research through the National Birth Defect Registry.

The National Birth Defect Registry
The National Birth Defect Registry is a research project designed through a collaboration of seven prominent scientists. The registry collects information on all categories of structural and functional birth defects as well as the health, genetic and environmental exposure histories of the mothers and fathers of these children. Registry data have identified patterns of birth defects in the children of Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans. The registry has also helped detect clusters of birth defects in communities with toxic environmental exposures and in the children of mothers exposed to similar medications during pregnancy. Registry data have been presented to numerous government agencies and in many national and international media forums.
Click here to participate in the National Birth Defect Registry and Parent Matching Project.

Parent Matching Project
Through the National Birth Defect Registry we also match families of children with similar birth defects. You will receive a list of other families who have children with up to three of your child's major birth defects or conditions.

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