Saturday, August 10, 2019

Legal Petition Seeks Ban on Plastic Pollution From Petrochemical Plants

Turtle Island Restoration Network joined more than 270 community and conservation organizations to file a legal petition in July that demands the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency adopt strict new water-pollution limits for industrial plants that create plastic.
Plastic plants discharged 128 million pounds of pollutants into U.S. waterways last year, their operators reported to the EPA ― including 77,859 pounds of the most toxic pollutants.
The petition calls for a total ban on the discharge of plastic pollution and detectable levels of the most dangerous toxic pollutants, including dioxin and benzene. As the fossil fuel industry increases plastic production and builds dozens of new facilities around the country, the petition says updated regulations are needed to protect waterways and public health.
 “These relentless plastic barons can no longer deny the impact producing plastic has on oceans, waterways, wildlife, and even public health,” said Development Associate Stepph Sharpe. “They must be held responsible for their past, current, and future plans to put life in the crosshairs in the name of a detrimental product that has many sustainable alternatives.”

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