Saturday, August 31, 2019

Dioxin one of two chemicals found at industrial site in Verona, Mo.

VERONA, Mo. -- Verona, Mo. is continuing to struggle with local soil and water being contaminated. According to the EPA, recent tests show two dangerous chemicals were found in the ground near a previously contaminated industrial site.
That site sits on the west edge of town and was previously known for making Agent Orange. The soil at the site was contaminated with the chemical dioxin. Dioxin is known to cause cancer and other serious health problems.
The EPA declared the land a "superfund" site and fenced it off. They also spent years cleaning dioxin from the soil and removing contaminated equipment.
Some still fear their wells are land are still contaminated.
More than a 100 people came to the high school this evening to hear about the clean up efforts by the EPA.

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