Friday, August 23, 2019

Following Hurricane Harvey, Baylor studies Disaster Research Response mode

For the past two years, at the request of residents, researchers from Baylor College of Medicine and around the Houston area have been studying the health impacts on the population following Hurricane Harvey.
Dr. Cheryl Walker, professor, and director of the Center for Precision and Environmental Health at Baylor College of Medicine said they were able to determine what each person tested was exposed to and how they were affected when the flooding subsided.
"Even though dioxin was measured in the flood, unless people were actually putting their hand and their wristband in those floodwaters, they would not have been necessarily exposed, and that's what we saw," said Walker.
She said they asked about people physical and mental health following Hurricane Harvey.
"We saw there was no detectable dioxin exposures in any of our cohorts, but we did see, for example, high levels of exposure to pesticides and some other industrial chemicals," said Walker.
She said the study also found a big variation in exposure due to location.

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