Friday, December 28, 2018

Gaming the system

The Opinion page in the Christmas edition was an interesting read. First, the “Montana View” claims that “Enzi, Lee let veterans down”. This regards Agent Orange exposure by veterans who served in the Navy offshore in Vietnam, and the supposed medical issues they now suffer from that exposure. I can understand that, IF they handled Agent Orange, and IF their maladies can be traced to that handling. All others serving in the fleet during that time period not handling Agent Orange in a manner that exposed them to its toxicity are just gaming the system, in my view, and should not be entitled to medical benefits.
I was surprised to learn years later that not all service members of that time period were eligible for medical benefits. I guess it was only for those who served in hazardous situations, thus drawing hazardous duty pay, who were eligible for VA benefits. I never thought about it at the time but appreciate those benefits now. So I think Enzi and Lee are right, and have stepped forward to NOT let our country down by NOT letting some veterans game the system.

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