Sunday, December 30, 2018

Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans have suffered long enough

 Senator Enzi recently blocked legislation in the Senate concerning the Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans. His reasons: “It's going to cost too much” and “It will put too great of a work burden on the VA." These words keep going over and over again in my mind. I even hear them in my sleep. How can we as Americans elect anyone so callous, so unkind, so insensitive to a great need.
Blue Water Navy Vietnam veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange are dying daily of horrible diseases. It has been proven that their exposure was 10 times more than their fellow veterans who served on the ground in Vietnam. They have suffered long enough, their families have suffered long enough, their caretakers have suffered long enough. How many years will we have to fight this war? When will it finally be over?
Instead of saying it will cost too much, a great leader would have said I will find a way to get the money. Rather than worry about the VA's workload, a great leader would take action and help them figure out a way to handle it.
Senator Enzi will live with his shameful leadership in the Senate for many years to come.
DENNIS TURNBO, Morris Chapel, Tennessee

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