Saturday, September 16, 2017

Utah VA Program Meant To Help Rural Vets Faces Elimination

The Veteran’s Administration, or VA, is in charge of getting benefits like healthcare and disability compensation to Utah’s former service members. But for veterans from past wars, it can be hard to navigate the system. One local program is meant to help veterans but it may soon disappear.
Wesley Grossnickle was a helicopter door-gunner in Vietnam in 1970 and ’71.
"We was in Hueys, so we was in support. We were what’s called the 229th Assault," Grossnicle says. 
Today he lives in Cornish, Utah, a town of about 300. Grossnickle has hearing and vision problems. He also has heart trouble from exposure to Agent Orange and he is being evaluated for PTSD. There are lots of things the VA can do for Grossnickle. The problem is finding out about them.

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