Wednesday, July 13, 2016

URGENT ACTION NEEDED - Congress will recess on July 15 and we need you to Contact your Senator

courtesy of Maynard Kaderlik, National Chair, Agent Orange & Toxic Exposures Committee, Vietnam Veterans of America

Contact your Senator NOW in support of S.2921 
the Veterans First Act

July 12, 2016
Your grassroots advocacy is working - And we need your Help Again!
The legislative language of S.901, the Toxic Exposure Research Act of 2015, introduced by Senators Jerry Moran (KS) and Richard Blumenthal (CT), has been included in S.2921, the Veterans First Act, under Title II, Subtitle I, “Research and Toxic Exposure.” S.2921 was introduced by Senators Johnny Isakson (GA), Chairman, and Richard Blumenthal (CT), Ranking Member, Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs.  VVA supports this legislation.
The bill has 44 cosponsors
On May 12, S.2921 was placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar, under General Orders Calendar No. 467, for a floor vote. However, if this bill does not move, our chances of getting the Toxic Exposure Research Act and other veterans issues in the bill -- such as expanding Caregivers benefits to Vietnam Veterans and providing leasing authority for the West LA Veterans Affairs Campus to provide housing for homeless veterans -- enacted into law in this, the second session of the 114th Congress, is less than hopeful.
We need your support to move this bill to the Senate floor for a vote and passage.
VVA urges you to Take Action NOW by entering your zip code and send the prepared letter requesting your U.S. Senators contact Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Democratic Minority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada asking that S.2921, the Veterans First Act, be moved to the floor of the Senate for vote and passage before the scheduled summer recess.
Passage of the Toxic Exposure Research Act into law is one of our most important efforts in ensuring that future military service generations learn from our experience, and that our offspring receive the respect and consideration for the sacrifices and pain that they endure from illnesses associated with a parent's exposure to toxic substances during service in the United States military.
Please, follow up on your letter with a call or visit to their state office.

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