Thursday, June 30, 2016

Veteran Petitions To Oust VA Agent Orange Denier

One veteran started a petition to oust VA Agent Orange denier Thomas Murphy after he was promoted as acting Under Secretary for Benefits at VA.
Murphy, formerly the Director of Compensation, was just promoted to acting Under Secretary for VBA. Unfortunately for Vietnam veterans,
Murphy is a documented Agent Orange denier, and based on his past decisions in contradiction of claims from scientists, burn pit veterans should also be concerned.
In response to the move that has been called “anti-veteran”, Thomas Osmond created a petition to support ousting the denier, Thomas Murphy.

Please be sure to sign the petition and get read up on the issue. I cannot figure out how our federal government has devolved to such an extent where public workers are able to actively defraud veterans of their benefits.
But that is where we are at today.

"Because his six years at Compensation and Pension are fairly judged to be a relative failure in serving America's Veterans. First, his determination and success in "holding the line" on Agent Orange claims. The two most visible groups he's fought on this are the Blue Water Navy Veterans and the C-123 Veterans Association.
"TCDD, the toxin in Agent Orange, is recognized by science to be the most toxic of the toxins, and definitely causes "adverse health effects." VA itself (but not Mr. Murphy) understands that it is a highly toxic substance.
"Mr. Murphy firmly claimed that Veterans Benefits Administration had already determined none of the C-123 Veterans were ever exposed, and no amount of proof from scientists or government agencies would raise the claim to VA's "as likely as not" threshold. All claims would be denied, he said.

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