Sunday, January 5, 2014

General Mills says no more GMOs in Cheerios,0,470209.story#axzz2pXqALmyh

General Mills announced Thursday that it will no longer use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) in its Cheerios breakfast cereal, and says the cereal will taste the same.  
The company says the cereal formula has not changed, only the way its ingredients are handled and sourced. Cheerios have always been made with no GMO oats but the small amount of corn starch used will now come from non-GMO corn and the sugar, non-GMO pure cane sugar. 
GMOs are foods that have been scientifically altered to tolerate herbicides. Some believe this process can cause health problems and environmental damage.
Cheerios will now have the words "not made with genetically modified ingredients" printed on the boxes.
"Why change anything at all?" asked General Mills vice president of global communications Tom Forsythe in a blog post.  "It’s simple. We did it because we think consumers may embrace it."
Forsythe claims the move was not brought on by public pressure or by safety concerns and referred to an earlier statement outlining the company's stance on GMO ingredients.   
"On safety – our number one priority – we find broad global consensus among food and safety regulatory bodies that approved GM ingredients are safe," read the statement.  
General Mills has not moved to expand the no-GMO policy to any of its other cereals. 
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  1. This is next to impossible to find non gmo beet sugar or corn products other than some popcorn as of recent. This is a rediculous claim. Those items are no longer safe.
    Arrowroot flour and other sugars such as coconut palm (organic) are only safe. Date sugar is still safe. These people should KNOW what is safe, as they are using and in constant communication with BIG business grower middlemen. They should know these things with little error. If they cared, they would produce safe foods. They are being bribed into poisoning americans.

    Sad but true. Grow your own food americans :)