Thursday, October 3, 2013

Town hall meeting planned on Agent Orange
"The Legacy of Exposure to Agent Orange on Vietnam Veterans and their Offspring."
That's the subject of a town hall meeting planned this month by Vietnam Veterans of America.
Organizers hope to educate and inform about past and future health issues for veterans and their families.
Those who lived through the 60s remember Agent Orange as the dioxin-laden defoliant used by the military to clear away dense vegetation during the war in Vietnam. Even though decades have passed, some Vietnam veterans and their families say Agent Orange continues wreak havoc in their lives. 

Sandy Morgan suspects it may be why she recently lost her daughter, Cindy Morgan James, to cancer.
"I just lost a daughter. She had a very rare cancer. And her first child was born with just a brain stem," said Morgan.
Morgan's husband served stateside, but she said much of the contaminated equipment was transported to the base where he worked. She believes toxic substances were carried into her home and into their lives.
"He was stationed at El Toro, which is in California. It is now an EPA Superfund site," she said.
Vietnam Veterans of America are sponsoring a town hall meeting for those affected by Agent Orange.
State president Terry Courville served in Vietnam.

"It's been proven five generations, that we passed it on to five generations now," said Courville.
He urges veterans to attend the town hall.

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