Thursday, October 10, 2013

From Steve House in Michigan:

For years the Department of Defense and Col. Alvin Young have lied to the Vietnam veterans about Agent Orange. Because they cannot admit that they screwed up when they sign on with the (military contractor)) Monsanto Chemical Company to (WEAPONIZED) Dioxin better known as the rainbow herbicides.

Recently Col. Alvin Young was once again was dusted off and brought out by the Department of Defense to go on record in an article in the Stars & Stripes newspaper to try and explain away the discovery of the toxic landfill at the and chemical drums clearly marked and legible Dow Chemical Company Midland Michigan at the farmer Kadena US Air Force Base in Okinawa.
In the 13th paragraph of the Stars & Stripes article Alvin Young out right lied when he said that there was nothing found in the groundswell and drinking Wells at Camp Carroll Army Depot in South Korea. The Department of Defense spent 3 1/2 million dollars on an 8000 page report on what they say took place at camp Carroll.
The Korean government spent 1 1/2 million dollars and did their own studies and testing when they discovered that the Department of Defense was fudging the test results. When their test started coming back much higher than ours. But I've never heard Alvin Young try to explain this away.
Mr. Alvin Young also stated that three GIs came forward on what had taken place at camp Carroll Korea. It was actually five GIs who came forward and a retired full bird colonel. Who have all given sworn statements and all of have been filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs in a GIs Agent Orange claim. Let's see if Mr. Young can explain that away.
Alvin Young also fails to mention that the Army went back a year later and dug everything up. And repackaged it in to 800 55 gallon drums. This alone is an indictment that it was Agent Orange and Agent Blue that was removed and sent back to the United States for final disposal. Just to go on record, I sent this attachment to Stars & Stripes newspaper & challenged them to put these survey's & test results in their newspaper.  I received no reply.  I guess Stars & Stripes does not practice equal time as our politicians claim they do.
And this attachment is what Alvin Young calls Nothing Was Found.
Lies, Lies, and MORE LIES!

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