Saturday, August 10, 2013

North Dakota Launches Agent Orange Education Campaign

This billboard is located on the west side of I29 Between 7th Avenue N. and 12th Avenue N. in Fargo, ND. A second billboard is located on the north side of Interstate 94 east of Steele facing west.
On Tuesday, August 6, The Vietnam Veterans of America North Dakota State Council launched a statewide Agent Orange Education Campaign with the unveiling the first of a series of billboards. Their goal is to reach fellow veterans and their dependents exposed to and suffering from the effects of Agent Orange/dioxin.
"Through advertisements such as our billboards and by convening town hall meetings, stand downs, and other outreach events throughout North Dakota, we hope to reach those suffering from the effects of Agent Orange to provide them with information and resources they need," said Dan Stenvold, President of the VVA North Dakota State Council.
"Along with the North Dakota Department of Veterans of Affairs, we will be working with many organizations to contact those who may have been exposed and their families. We are grateful to the North Dakota 63rd legislative assembly, which appropriated a $50,000 grant for 2013-2015, in support of our outreach efforts," said Stenvold.
VVA is committed to ensuring that all veterans exposed during their service receive the care and compensation they have earned by their service to our nation. This includes those who served in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Korea, and Laos, as well as those who flew on C-123s, aboard Navy vessels, and on certain military installations and other facilities on and outside the continental U.S., including Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Johnson Island, Ft. Detrick, and elsewhere.

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