Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wildwood Subdivisions Near Superfund Site Cleared for Public Safety by EPA Officials
Still dealing with dioxin issues 15 years post-cleanup but with new test results: Environmental Protection Agency's Region 7 team inform Wildwood residents most of contaminated area is safe for living and future building.
For the last five years, concerned Wildwood residents, city staffers, council members, government officials, consultants, lawyers, a judge and a particular home developer have been trying to determine just how far-reaching the devastating effects of a dioxin-laced Superfund site in Wildwood may extend to land that immediately adjoins the contaminated homestead of infamous waste hauler Russell Bliss. Home builder Wesley Byrne is particularly focused on environmental issues related to the controversial land, because he and Wildwood city representatives have been locked in a lawsuit since 2007 that prevents him from building a new subdivision on the 18.3 acres he owns there.

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